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How to Create, Package and Sell An IT Security Service That Every Client Needs

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 | 1PM Eastern, 10AM Pacific

This exclusive new briefing for MSPs gives you specific, actionable advice with details on how you create, package and sell your own branded portfolio of Network Vulnerability Management services.

We've done all the hard work to define what Vulnerability-Management-as-a-Service (V-MaaS) looks like for clients of virtually any size, from the micro-business all the way up to enterprise companies.

During this information-packed briefing, we'll cover:
  1. The difference between a "threat" and a "vulnerability" and how to talk to your clients about it.
  2. The types of network vulnerabilities that can emerge at any time, and how to discover them
  3. The specific tasks involved in setting up and delivering a vulnerability management services
  4. Examples of four different levels of vulnerability management services you can offer, and which clients fit which
  5. What frequency to run your vulnerability scans, and when to remediate
  6. How to price each level of service to ensure profitability -- including your labor.
We'll also demonstrate VulScan, our latest web-based vulnerability management tool with special MSP licensing that allows you to scan an unlimited number of assets on any client you set up in the platform.

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