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The MSP's Steps To Success - How To Interpret The Results Of Your IT Audits

Tuesday, 21st September | 12pm AEST

Performing an IT Audit or Assessment is a critical skill for every Managed Service Provider. Knowing how to quickly, efficiently and non-intrusively gather the critical information for a comprehensive audit is just the beginning.

What separates the good MSP from the great one is knowing how to;

1. Interpret the mountain of data collected, and then
2. Building the right reports and documentation for internal use, for consumption by your clients.

In this 30 minute, fast-paced session, we'll walk you through the results of a mock assessment, show what to look for, and what to do with what you discover.

Register now, and be sure to join us live as there will be an interactive session at the end where you can ask us about any report and dive into more detail on areas that interest you most.

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