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Ask The Experts: IT Compliance Opportunities For MSPs -- What’s New In 2022

Wednesday, January 19th, 2022 | 9 AM Pacific, 12PM Eastern

We’ve pulled together an all-star team of compliance industry experts to share with you recent changes that are creating new selling opportunities for MSPs. The panel will be moderated by Compliance Manager GM Max Pruger, and our experts will be taking your questions as part of this live presentation and discussion.

Cyber Risk Insurance Opportunities: Every one of your clients has – or should have – cyber risk insurance. With the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals, the Cyber Risk Insurance providers are tightening the screw on their policies-holders. Some are now requiring IT audits BEFORE they will approve an application, and all of them will audit your clients if there’s a breach claim.

Kirsten Bay, CEO of Cysurance, will tell you how easy it is for you to take advantage of this trend as an MSP, and expand your client relationships.

Regulated Market Opportunities: Even as new IT security and privacy laws are enacted, some large existing ones are in flux. In the Healthcare arena, changes to HIPAA now may make it easier for 600,000 regulated organizations to prove Due Care. And 300,000 defense contractors will now need help to perform self-assessments to demonstrate their cybersecurity maturity level (CMMC).

Compliance expert Mike Semel will bring you up-to-speed on ways to leverage these changes for expanded services without YOU having to become an expert yourself.

Talking Compliance To Your Clients: How do you talk to your clients and prospects about compliance in 2022? Let’s face it, COVID protocols have become the new normal, and it’s changed the way you need to talk to your clients, and the way you service them.

MSP Coach and IT service delivery expert Erick Simpson brings a fresh methodology for getting in front of your customer and prospects to talk about your services in general, and compliance offerings in particular.

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