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Customer Spotlight: How FortNet UK Help Their Clients Become Cyber Resilient Using Network Assessments

Wednesday, 24th Aug, 2022 | 2 PM GMT+1

Join our live webinar with FortNet UK and learn how they help their clients to become cyber resilient using Network Detective Pro. FortNet UK provides bespoke and affordable cyber security consultancy services to guide and protect customers through their cyber security journey.

Learn how FortNet UK leveraged Network Detective Pro to:
  • Provide clients with complete visibility into their IT network’s strengths and vulnerabilities, in under one hour.
  • Reduce the risk of client breach, having administered risk scores based on analysis
  • Offer necessary cyber remediation services using assessment results
  • Enhance client security posture through identification of appropriate security and compliance projects
  • Prepare clients for audits and cyber projects using assessment results
  • Provide one-off or recurring network health checks for their end users
  • Help clients to understand their own vulnerabilities using bespoke reports

In this session, Simon Clark, Founder and MD at FortNet UK, and Laurence Woolley, Manager of MSP Account Management at RapidFireTools, will share how to enhance security and reduce risk from potential vulnerabilities for clients.

Do not miss this one-off chance to learn from leading industry experts.

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