Leveraging The Power of Automation to Eliminate Vulnerabilities

Wednesday, Nov 16 | 12PM EST, 5PM GMT

Your business is at risk 24/7, every day of the year. With security breaches increasing 31% over the last year, 83% of organizations have experienced a breach at least once. It’s time to outsmart the hackers and eliminate every vulnerability on your network – before they are discovered. According to a 2022 IBM report, it takes approximately 9 months to detect a data breach. Leaving vulnerabilities unchecked increases the likelihood that your system will be randomly checked and exploited by hackers. With the right tools, you can easily harden your network and stay ahead of the hackers by scheduling automated scans.

Attend this webinar where we will share valuable insights and equip you with the tool that will make automated vulnerability scanning easy and affordable for you.

In this session, we will also show you how to:
  • Easily configure each scanner to run regular scans on every network and device you manage
  • Minimize risk with automatic alerts to notify of any new vulnerabilities identified
  • Remediate immediately with automated advice and specific remediation steps
  • Automatically create vulnerability service tickets in your preferred PSA
  • Perform as many scans as you want, as frequently as you want, for as many assets as you want – all for one low monthly costs

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