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Microsoft 365 & Azure: The Hidden Security Opportunity For MSPs

Wednesday, May 5th | 1PM Eastern, 10AM Pacific

Join us for an enlightening presentation that highlights the growing challenges that MSPs face in managing and protecting client assets stored in Microsoft 365 and the Azure public cloud.

With just a few clicks, a client's employee can share an entire folder containing sensitive corporate data with another user in violation of compliance regulations and basic security protocols. While Microsoft takes ownership of platform security, it’s the MSP who is responsible for the safe and compliant use of the applications and assets.

During this live session, we cover the biggest issues that MSPs face in managing client MS Cloud network environments, and demonstrate how MSPs can gain greater visibility and control to increase client security using Network Detective Pro.

This session will help make you a Microsoft “Cloud-savvy” MSP. You will learn how to:
  • Target specific Microsoft 365 services that need better controls
  • Identify specific risks and vulnerabilities that need remediation
  • Save technician time by quickly gathering all the data they need to manage the environment
  • Create a new Cloud Security offering

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