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MSP Accelerators #15 How to dig deep into Microsoft 365 and win new business, in a matter of minutes

Thursday, 2nd December | 1pm GMT

Microsoft is giving away free Azure accounts to move the market off on-prem computing into their world of infrastructure-as-a-Service.

What does this mean for MSPs?

With just a few clicks, a client can spin up their own Azure environment to supplement their on-prem resources. Or they can purchase, download and install Microsoft 365 and create a massive amount of corporate data with little controls or protections. They can do all this without any real IT knowledge, and even though they are your clients -- potentially without your knowledge.

During this live session, we cover the biggest issues that MSPs face in managing client MS Cloud network environments -- including the Azure public cloud and MS 65 -- and demonstrate how MSPs can gain greater visibility and control to increase client security using Network Detective Pro.

This session will help make you a Microsoft “Cloud-savvy” MSP. You will learn how to:

  • Target specific Microsoft 365 services that need better controls
  • Identify specific risks and vulnerabilities that need remediation
  • Save technician time by quickly gathering all the data they need to manage the Azure environment
  • Create a new Cloud Security offering

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