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How to quickly set up a basic insider threat detection system for all your clients

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 Noon Eastern, 9 AM Pacific

As many of your clients' employees continue to work from home on their own less-secure computers, the threat to the corporate network increases. Employee work credentials are more likely to be compromised now, opening the door for cyber criminals to get into your client’s networks.

You could set up a SEIM to monitor network events, but those systems are complex, expensive, "noisy" and hard to manage. But there's a quick and easy way to add on an extra layer of insider threat protection for all your clients that will look for indications of compromised credentials of your end users – things like anomalous end-user behaviors and suspicious log-ins to computers on the corporate network.

In response to the changing computing landscape, there is a very basic, and quick-to-implement service plan you can use within our Cyber Hawk insider threat protection tool that allows you to get this extra layer of protection set up for all your clients. And we’ve put together a rapid deployment team to help you get up and running fast. Once we get you trained on the basic operation of the software, you'll you will be able to deploy a basic "cookie-cutter" insider threat service plan configuration that you can roll out to each of your clients.

Once operational, the system will scan your clients' corporate networks looking for any suspicious or odd end-user behaviors, and any attempted unauthorized log-ins to computers connected to the corporate network. You'll get daily alerts (emails or tickets) of any detected threats, and you can manage all your client sites through a single web based portal.

During this live webinar, we will show you:
  • How to set up our new basic insider threat detection service and what it looks for
  • How to create and deploy higher levels of insider cybersecurity services as you get more familiar with the power of the tool
  • How to pitch insider threat services to your current clients and prospects
Best of all, you can get this low-cost tool at a fixed monthly cost for all your clients!

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