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IT Assessments With Network Detective -- Know IT All

20 April, 2021 | 1 PM BST, 2 PM CEST

In the world of IT if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it, and you can’t protect it. And in the case of winning a new client or setting up a new account, you can’t pitch it, scope it or quote it.

Most IT Professionals rely on a variety of agent-based tools to alert them to a wide range of network and security issues that need to be addressed. But these tools are generally limited to monitoring the assets on a network (not users), and limited in their reporting functionality. There’s no way to know what's changed, or when new assets are added to the network if no agent is installed.

This leads to a variety of challenges for the IT professional throughout the managed services lifecycle . . .

But with the right tools and approach, it doesn’t need to be such a challenge. In this brand new webinar, we'll introduce you to Network Detective Pro... the simple, yet incredibly effective system for winning new clients and then profitably managing and growing the service relationship, year-after-year, contract-after-contract.

Register today, and we’ll show you how Network Detective Pro will help you to:

  • Open doors and close new business with IT Assessments
  • Properly scope and quote your new engagements, and quickly onboarding new clients
  • Set the right “ground rules” and client expectations to ensure profitable contracts
  • Maintain the right client communications to stay “top of mind” and justify the value of your services
  • Identify opportunities for selling in new services, and getting your clients to say, “yes”
  • Ensure that come contract renewal time, your clients are thrilled to “re-up.”
All attendees will be treated to a very special offer on the tools we show, putting you on the road to increased profitability.

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