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First Look At The New CMMC Module For Compliance Manager

Thursday, October 22, 2020 3PM Eastern, Noon Pacific

We’re taking the wraps off the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) module -- our latest, and perhaps most innovative, upgrade to the Compliance Manager platform.

If you have any clients who do business with the Department of Defense (DoD), our new CMMC compliance module is a MUST-HAVE for them . . . and FOR YOU, too.

And if you don’t have any clients in this segment yet, the 300,000 companies that make up the DoD’s supply chain are ALL required to get this certification – so the opportunity is huge!

Here’s what we’ll share during this webinar:

• A quick primer on the new CMMC regulations and the current NIST (SP) 800-171 requirements that are still in effect.
• An up-to-the-minute update on the government’s implementation progress on CMMC, and timetable for complete roll-out.
• A brief discussion of the opportunity for any MSP to profit from this sweeping change in federal regulation
• A high-level overview of the Compliance Manager compliance process automation platform
• A first-look presentation of the reports and documentation – which form the core drivers and deliverables for your service.

The market overview will be presented by Compliance Manager GM Max Pruger, and the product demo will be performed by RapidFire Tools VP of Development Win Pham.

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