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Scan Long and Prosper: Vulnerability Scanning For the Rest of Us!

Tuesday, December 14th | 2PM Eastern, 11AM Pacific

If you’re responsible for the maintaining the security of one or more networks, a practical and affordable network vulnerability scanning solution is finally at hand.

Join us for an exciting briefing and demo of VulScan, the network vulnerability scanning solution that’s taking the SMB and MSP market by storm with breakthrough pricing that finally allows IT professionals to “scan at will” without incurring high costs.

During this session, VulScan GM Max Pruger reveals how this new pricing model and packaging paradigm opens up a whole new world for network vulnerability management, dramatically reducing the risk of a breach on every network – no matter how big or small. Here’s what Max will cover:
  • Why network vulnerability management is now a must-have/must-do service in today’s connected world
  • What to scan and when: best practices in vulnerability management
  • The Vulnerability Management Lifecycle – specific tasks that make up the process
  • How to seamlessly incorporate vulnerability management into your IT security stack
  • How to get your clients – or your boss – to say “yes” to vulnerability management
There’s no longer any reason to limit the number of assets you check, the frequency with which you check them, or the number of scanners you deploy at any site to speed up the process. No need to compromise your security based on cost or complexity.

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