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Vulnerability Management: It's All About Security

Wednesday, May 18th, 2022 | 12PM Eastern, 9AM Pacific

When it comes to IT Security, a good offense may be your best defense — hardening your network to eliminate the vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited when you are attacked.

Whether you’re responsible for managing the security of your own — or someone else’s — networks, you have exactly zero control over who decides to attack your network, the means and methods they employ and the assets they target.

Most cyberattacks are random and can come at any time from anywhere — through an open port on the firewall, a backdoor through an unpatched application, or a brute force attack on an administrative password.

Internal and external vulnerability scanning is the tried-and-tested way to harden any network from most cyberthreats. The cyberthreat landscape is constantly changing, as is your IT environment. Attaching a dedicated vulnerability scanner to each network and scheduling it to run regularly is the best — and arguably, the only — way to maximize your IT security posture and reduce risk.

Attend this live webinar to gather the ammo you need to get vulnerability scanning funded by your key decision-makers and stakeholders, and see a solution that is optimized for MSPs and organizations that manage their own IT security.

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